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Best 5G phones under 15000 in India: Latest 5G smartphones

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In India, the smartphone market’s 5G devices have become more budget-friendly. This piece is your go-to guide for the best 5G smartphones under ₹15,000. You’ll learn about top phones with great features and performance without breaking the bank.

Discover the best 5G phones available for less than Rs 15,000 with our current recommendations. We’ll investigate the quality of processors, displays, cameras, and batteries. This helps readers find a quality 5G phone for a great price.

best 5G phones under 15000

Key Takeaways

  • 143 mobile phones were found under the category of 5G mobile phones under 15,000 in India.
  • The range of prices for the listed 5G phones is from Rs. 10,499 to Rs. 14,380.
  • The phones varied in popularity scores, ranging from 73% to 86%.
  • The highest battery capacity listed was 6000 mAh.
  • 120 Hz refresh rate displays were a common feature across the listed phones.

Introduction to 5G Smartphones Under 15000

The mobile technology scene is changing fast with 5G. This new network is the fifth generation and brings significant improvements. It’s not just for calling and texting anymore; it’s improving smart cities and the IoT. The good news is you can now get a 5G smartphone in India for under ₹15,000.

What is 5G technology?

5G uses higher frequency bands in the radio spectrum, allowing faster data transmission. It employs small cell networks with multiple small antennas placed in dense clusters rather than relying on a few large towers. This setup helps manage the network traffic more efficiently and provides high-speed internet over short distances. Additionally, 5G uses advanced antenna technologies like Massive MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) to increase capacity and beamform to direct the users’ signals more precisely. This combination allows 5G networks to provide the high-speed, low-latency communication that is the hallmark of this new technology.

Benefits of 5G over 4G

Moving from 4G to 5G means a better experience overall. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Faster data speeds: With 5G, you can download stuff at speeds up to 10 Gbps. Compare that to 4G’s 100 Mbps, and you’ll see a big leap.
  • Lower latency: Latency is the time it takes for data to travel. 5G reduces this time to less than 10 milliseconds. This is awesome for things like online games, health apps, and self-driving cars.
  • Increased network capacity: All the new 5G tech means it can handle more devices simultaneously without slowing down. This is perfect for the many devices in our lives today.
  • Improved reliability: 5G is built to be stronger, meaning it should work better and have fewer dips in service. This leads to a smoother user experience.

Thanks to these 5G benefits, more affordable 5G phones are available in India. They’re meeting the need for quicker, more stable, and responsive mobile Internet.

Top 5G Phones Under 15000

The 5G smartphone market in India is growing fast. Now, you can find many great phones under ₹15,000. These phones bring a lot of features and good performance at a budget price, making 5G available to more people.

1.  iQOO Z9x  MOP Rs. 14449


The iQOO Z9x stands out in the 5G phone range with its features. It runs on a Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 chip, which is great for daily use and some gaming. A big 6.72-inch FHD+ LCD display that refreshes at 120 Hz offers clear and smooth visuals. The phone has a 50MP main camera, a 2MP second camera, and an 8MP selfie camera. It packs a 6,000mAh battery and supports 44W fast charging for long battery life and quick top-ups.

2. Moto G64 MOP Rs. 14380

best 5g phones

The Moto G64 5G features a 6.5-inch FHD+ LCD screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, MediaTek Dimensity 7025 SoC, Up to 12GB RAM, 256GB internal storage, and a 6000 mAh battery with 33W fast charging, Runs on Android 14.

  • 50-megapixel primary camera with optical image stabilization (OIS), phase detection autofocus (PDAF), and an f/1.8 aperture.
  • 8-megapixel ultra-wide angle camera with an f/2.2 aperture, capable of taking macro photos.
  • 16-megapixel front-facing selfie camera with an f/2.4 aperture.

3. Samsung Galaxy M34 MOP Rs. 12999

best 5g phones

The Samsung Galaxy M34 is a strong contender in the 5G space under ₹15,000. It runs on a Samsung Exynos 1280 chip and comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Its 6.5-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED display refreshes at 120Hz, offering bright and smooth visuals. The phone sports a 50MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide camera, a 2MP depth camera, and a 13MP front camera for selfies. It includes a 6,000mAh battery and 25W fast charging. This means the Galaxy M34 lasts a long time and recharges quickly.

4. Vivo T3x MOP: Rs. 13499  

best 5g phones

The vivo T3x is also a great 5G phone option under ₹15,000. It boasts the Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 chip and a 6.72-inch FHD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The camera system includes a 50MP main camera, a 2MP macro, a 2MP depth camera, and 8MP front camera. It is power

ed by a 6,000mAh battery and supports 44W fast charging. This ensures the vivo T3x keeps up with you all day and recharges quickly.

5. Redmi 12 5G MOP: Rs. 12499

best 5g phones

Redmi is a trusted brand and has continuously grown in India. The phone has a 6.79″ FHD+ IPS LCD display with a 90Hz refresh rate, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 chipset, a 5000 mAh battery, up to 256 GB storage and 8 GB of RAM, a 50 MP main camera, and a secondary 2 MP sensor, It runs on Android 13.

6. Realme Narzo 60X 5G MOP: 14499

best 5g phones

Realme Nazro 60X 5G has a 6.72″ FHD+ IPS display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The MediaTek Dimensity 6100+ processor has a 5000 mAh battery and supports 33W fast charging. It also has up to 128 GB storage and 6 GB of RAM, a 50 MP main camera with a secondary 2 MP sensor, and runs on Android 13. The Realme Narzo 60X 5G’s 50MP main camera performs well in daylight but has some limitations in low-light conditions.


The Best 5G phones under 15000

The 5G market in India is growing fast. Now, you can find many 5G phones under ₹15,000. These phones blend great features and performance. This mix makes 5G tech more available to people. This affordability comes from using mid-range 5G chipsets, simple camera systems, and smart power use.

Affordable 5G Smartphone Options

If you’re eyeing a 5G phone below ₹15,000, keep some things in mind:

  • Processor performance: Opt for phones that run on Snapdragon or MediaTek 5G chips. These offer solid performance for daily use and some gaming.
  • Display quality: Choose devices with IPS LCD or AMOLED screens. They should be at least 1080p and have a high refresh rate for smooth visuals.
  • Camera capabilities: Look for phones with good main cameras, like 48MP. They might also have cameras for wide shots or depth sensing.
  • Battery life and charging: Go for models with big batteries (around 5,000mAh) and quick charging. This means longer use times and speedy recharges.
  • Design and build quality: Think about the phone’s looks and how it feels. Choose models that are slim, light, and well-made.

Features to Look for in a Budget 5G Phone

Here’s what to check in a 5G phone under ₹15,000:

  1. Processor performance: Seek devices with Snapdragon or MediaTek 5G chips. They ensure smooth operation for daily tasks and light games.
  2. Display quality: Prefer phones with good screen tech, at least 1080p, and fast refresh rates. This gives you a pleasing, smooth view.
  3. Camera capabilities: Aim for strong main cameras (48MP or more) with extra lens options. It might include cameras for wide shots or depth.
  4. Battery life and charging: Look for phones with large batteries and quick charging features. These keep your phone running and fill it up fast.
  5. Design and build quality: Size up the phone’s style and construction. Choose handsets that are elegant, lightweight, and use quality materials.

Processor Performance in 5G Phones Under 15000

The speed of 5G phones under ₹15,000 depends on their chipsets. Many phones in this price range use either Snapdragon or MediaTek 5G-enabled chipsets. Each has its own good points.

Snapdragon and MediaTek chips

Phones like the Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 and Snapdragon 750G are common in budget 5G phones. They work well, with speeds averaging 2.2 GHz, and can have up to 8 cores. They have reliable performance and offer AI-assisted features for better user experiences.

With its Dimensity 5G chipsets, MediaTek is also doing well in the budget 5G market. Dimensity 700 and Dimensity 6020 are examples. These chips might have a bit slower 2 GHz speed, but they can offer up to 8 cores. They are known for good competitive benchmark scores and power efficiency.

RAM and Storage Considerations

After the chipset, RAM and storage are vital in budget 5G phones. You’ll find either 4GB or 8GB of RAM in most phones under ₹15,000. 8GB is better for handling more tasks at once.

Regarding storage, these phones usually have 64GB to 128GB inside. They also let you add a microSD card for more space. This means plenty of room for apps, photos, and other files.

A fast processor, enough RAM, and storage are key for a good phone experience. Budget 5G phones offer this, pleasing those who watch prices in India.

Processor performance in budget 5G phones

Display Quality of 5G Phones Under 15000

5G smartphones under ₹15,000 have different screen types like IPS LCD or AMOLED. Each type meets varying user needs and fits different budgets.

IPS LCD vs. AMOLED Displays

IPS LCD screens found in budget 5G phones show colors accurately with wide angles. Devices like Moto G64 and Xiaomi Redmi 12 5G have them. They scored well in display tests, between 77% and 84%.

Like in the Samsung Galaxy M34, AMOLED screens offer deeper blacks and vibrant colors but cost more.

Refresh Rate and Resolution

Budget 5G phones often have high refresh rates and good resolutions. Models like iQOO Z9x and Moto G34 boast refresh rates up to 120Hz. This makes everything look smooth and quick on the screen.

These phones also have screen resolutions that give clear and detailed images. You can find phones with HD+ to FHD+ resolutions under ₹15,000.

Camera Capabilities of Budget 5G Smartphones

5G smartphones under ₹15,000 might not have top-end camera features. But they do offer cameras that are good enough for most people. These phones focus on being more affordable than anything else.

Megapixel Count and Camera Setups

Most budget 5G phones in India have a 48MP to 50MP main camera. This lets them take detailed and colorful photos in the right light. They also include other lenses, like ultrawide or depth sensors, to make the camera system more useful.

Take the Realme Narzo 60X 5G and Vivo T3x. They both have a 50MP main camera. Plus, they have a 2MP depth sensor and a 2MP macro camera. This setup gives you a lot of options for taking pictures.

The Samsung Galaxy M34 5G and Redmi 12 5G are similar. They have a 50MP main camera, an 8MP ultrawide, and a 2MP depth sensor. This combination offers versatility in photography.

SmartphonePrimary CameraAdditional CamerasCamera Scores
Realme Narzo 60X 5G50MP2MP depth, 2MP macro82%
Samsung Galaxy M34 5G50MP8MP ultrawide, 2MP depth84%
Redmi 12 5G50MP8MP ultrawide, 2MP depth83%
vivo T3x50MP2MP macro, 2MP depth81%

While 5g phones under 15000 don’t rival pricier models in cameras, they do well for the price. They fit the bill for those looking at reasonable prices and 5G above all else.

Budget 5G Smartphones Camera

Battery Life and Charging Speeds

When looking at budget 5G phones, battery life is key. 5G’s use more power and can drain the battery faster. The best 5G phones under 15000 in India have big battery capacities ranging from 5000 mAh to 6000 mAh. This means you can use your phone longer before needing to charge.

5000mAh+ Battery Capacities

Research shows that the average battery life of top 5G smartphones under 15000 in India is long. Most of these phones have a battery size of 5000 mAh or more. This allows for longer times between charges, even with 5G’s higher power use.

Fast Charging Technologies

Budget 5G phones also include fast charging technologies for quick recharges. Many top 5G phones under 15000 in India support fast charging. The fastest charging speed goes up to 44W. This lets users recharge quickly and return to using their phones without long waits.

Average battery life of top 5G phones under 15000 in India5500 mAh
Fastest charging speed among top 5G phones under 15000 in India44W
Percentage of top 5G phones under 15000 in India with fast charging support85%
Comparison of battery capacity across top 5G phones under 15000 in India5000 mAh to 6000 mAh
Ratio of battery life to standby time for best 5G phones under 15000 in India1:2.5

The mix of big batteries and fast charging in the best 5G phones under 15000 in India means you can use your phone more. Plus, you can recharge quickly. This makes these phones great for people who use their phones a lot.

Design and Build Quality

Manufacturers have focused on making

slim 5G phones

that are under ₹15,000. They offer

lightweight 5G handsets

Which are easy for many people to use. These

compact 5G devices

look sleek and modern. They are designed for easy carrying and a comfortable feel.

Some brands aim to make their budget 5G phones look more premium. These stylish 5G handsets under 15000 may have special finishes, use metal or glass, and be very thin. This makes them look expensive, but they are still affordable.

Slim and Lightweight 5G Phones

Companies like Moto, Realme, and POCO are focusing on making slim and lightweight 5G phones. These phones are thin and easy to hold and carry in a pocket. This is great for people who want a phone that’s easy to take with them.

Premium-Looking 5G Devices

In the under-₹15,000 market, some 5G phones manage to look premium. The Samsung Galaxy M34 and vivo T3x have stylish designs. They come in pretty colors and have special details, giving users a great experience.

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