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Know Latest Painless Hair Transplant Therapy & Cost.(2023)

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Human hair is a precious ornament of our body and it is god’s gift. Everyone is more worried about their own hair look, How am I looking? Having a lot of silky hair goes beyond just vanity. At an early age, rapid hair loss without control over the regrowth can cause sufferers to experience severe psychological discomfort. But now, thanks to the latest techniques, science, and medicine for painless hair transplants, we can look as same.

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Harvard researchers assert that treatment for baldness is imminent after discovering a protein that promotes hair development. This protein, known as GAS6, stops hair loss in its tracks and aids in the regeneration of new hair, helpful in the early 30s.

It appears that a specific protein is repressed by the stress hormone, which results in follicle damage and hair loss. Researchers claim that addressing the resupply of that protein offers a long-term solution rather than a band-aid for the issue of hair loss.

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We always think about the quality of hair how is silky, dried, rough, how much density, etc., and we are doing all the possible best treatments for maintaining either by way of different types of nutritious food eating, stress-free sound sleep, hair oil using or by PH based shampoo, even more, worried are using biotin used allopathy or Ayurvedic medicine to maintain good quality and density of our hair.

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Due to certain conditions, sometimes we become victims of early hair loss, and for this, we need the fastest best solution to cover up baldness by way of the best painless hair transplant procedure, but not sure about the types of treatment procedures and after that precautions required to long last result. Many of our adorable readers might be reading for the first time, or many of them have already researched various videos, articles, and blogs, or taken advice from a doctor too, but are not sure when to start the accurate treatment of painless hair transplants and from whom?

Main common question: Is Hair transplant treatments pain-free, needle-free, or less painful? How much are the cost and successful recovery time after treatments?

We must understand before taking any decision about types of procedures, the reputation of the doctor, and reviews from treatments taken for painless hair transplants.

Basic to check First for painless hair transplant:
The severity of hair loss, thinning, and balding.
Donor area hair availability
Age of the patient
The Procedure’s Technique or Method type.
Why a high-density hair transplant is necessary.
The surgeon’s qualifications and Experience.
The clinic’s recognition.
The clinic’s easy approaches.
Body’s response to the treatment.

The skill and training of a painless hair transplant surgeon include:
A hair restoration surgeon should have good successful experience operating on patients of various racial and ethnic backgrounds. Also, he ought to have completed over 5000 effective hair restoration procedures. The cost of the hair transplant procedure may be higher in this instance, but it improves its chances of success and reduces failure.

To get live hair grafts that increase the likelihood of successful implantation, hair roots must be extracted. The surgeon is responsible for obtaining the optimal quantity of grafts to match the criteria for the specific Norwood grade of baldness.

The hair transplant surgeon’s artistic abilities are important since hair restoration is an aesthetic procedure that requires both a surgeon’s good artistic abilities and deep medical ability. Also, you would like a hair transplant to complement your face and improve your appearance by seeming natural in the hairline. Nevertheless, the low-cost painless hair transplant carried out by untrained surgeons at many hair transplant clinics frequently produces an unnatural-looking, which may require a correction or revision and frequent clinic visits, in turn raising the cost and mental fatigue.

Types of Treatments:

1. FUE Hair Transplant:
FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) is applicable for narrow baldness and genetic loss areas like Mustache, Eyebrows, or some parts of the forehead by replacing body hair transplant(BHD), hair follicles from the area are taken homogeneously with the help of special micro motors precious tools which require minimum surgical instruments and most easy method.
Selection of Hair follicles from the donor area and made ready for painless hair transplant.

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This treatment is fast in result, healing in 24 hours, and without scars. The average study shows that 80-85% person does not require a second treatment and the remaining 15%- 20% may be advised for a second treatment with very lesser time for this. After the treatments, Specific tips for caring, taking medicine, washing, and touching the area have to be followed as per the doctor’s guidelines to ensure a painless post-surgery process benefits. FUE can be done, up to about 2000 grafts.

2. FUT Hair Transplant:
The Follicular Unit Transplant Technique (FUT) is one of the most widely used methods for extracting hair roots today because it only results in permanent hair roots thanks to its participation in the strip harvesting process’s safe donor component. To reduce the impact of pain and suffering that may be felt during the strip harvesting procedure in the FUT, the finest hair transplant surgeon is responsible for using a local anesthetic injection prior to surgery. Beyond 2000 grafts, FUT is better.

FUT Hair Treatment

3. PRP Hair Loss Treatment:
Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP for short, One of the safest and most efficient non-surgical therapies for hair loss and thinning issues is PRP hair therapy. Using a centrifuge, a PRP expert will extract platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s blood. The patient’s scalp will then be injected with this separated solution to promote hair growth. This procedure lessens hair loss and aids in hair restoration.

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A powerful alternative to minoxidil therapy is PRP painless hair transplant. Whereas Minoxidil is an external hair growth stimulant, PRP uses the patient’s platelet-rich plasma to promote hair growth. For as long as you continue to use minoxidil will it be effective; if the medication is discontinued, hair loss will start.

4. NeoGraft hair restoration:
NeoGraft is one of the most advanced hair implantation methods and a semi-automated variation of FUE. It claims to be more effective than other FUE procedures by reducing certain surgical human errors. A surgeon manually removes individual hair follicles from the sides or back of your head during FUE hair transplantation.

Neograft Treatment

The new hairs are then implanted after a series of incisions are made in the balding areas of your scalp. The NeoGraft procedure involves the suction extraction of hair follicles using a wand. Instead of making an incision to place new hair follicles, the surgeon can utilize unique equipment that simultaneously creates the incisions and implants the follicles.

There are two alternatives available if you have a sizable region of baldness;

FUE-FUT           FUT Hair Transplant

A: In order to seem excellent in front of the camera for all social interactions and portraits, only cover the front up to the highest point of the scalp. On the front, around 2500–3000 FUT/FUE grafts would be required to cover an area roughly the size of the palm (the exact number depends on the quality of the donor area which can be determined during personal examination).
After six months, you can arrange the vortex area independently if you so choose.

B: Cover the front as described above in the first session. FUT or FUE might be used in the second session.

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The main factor of Costing for painless hair transplant:
The cost of hair transplants in India and Turkey is relatively affordable when compared to the costs in other nations like the USA, UK, Dubai, and many more. Yet, very few hair restoration clinics have a well-qualified plastic & cosmetic surgeon on staff that is dedicated to providing the greatest hair transplant outcomes to deliver maximum success ratio and satisfaction to the patients at a competitive price.


The price of a hair transplant in India is lowest based on a number of procedure-related variables FUT-FUE-PRP-NeoGraft. The quantity of hair grafts necessary to completely cover the bald area is the main determining factor for hair transplant cost. Depending on the reputation of the clinic, the past transplantations experience of the surgeon, and the location, each hair graft for the best hair transplant may cost between $0.40 to $1.5 in India.

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