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New Microsoft PC Manager saves $200-600 by boosting PC speed

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New Microsoft PC Manager is a utility app designed to enhance your PC’s performance and security. An officially released PC security application aimed at global consumers to save $200-800 in 3-6 Years. It incorporates the Windows antivirus engine to create a comprehensive PC protection system. Microsoft PC Manager conforms to four product concepts: simplicity, fluency, close to native, efficiency and security, and pure without interruption. Based on user feedback, it offers a one-stop solution for computer problems such as harmful system tampering, limited computer space, system latency, and excessive pop-up adverts, resulting in a native Windows system experience for customers.

Microsoft PC Manager


Who can install: The New Microsoft PC Manager app is now available for all users on Windows 10, version 19042.0 or higher. How to check the version? Start typing “SIS” into the taskbar search field and click.

new microsoft pc manager

PC Boosts at an optimum level like a new and saves $200-800 in 3-6 years:

  1. Clean your core system and free up space. Increase your PC’s performance.
  2. Storage Management: Spring cleans your PC and handles huge files.
  3. Antivirus Scan: Using the Microsoft Defender virus engine, it detects unknown threats and ensures computer protection.
  4. Health Check: Identify and resolve issues quickly. Scan and remove dangers with a single click.
  5. Toolbox: Smarter, more efficient, and more suited to your needs.
  6. Lesser usage of RAM, CPU and saves more energy, hardware, and battery life by reducing the temperature of the system.

Your main question is: why to pay for third-party applications like CC cleaner, Ashapoo Winoptimizer, System Mechanic, and many more. How do we omit all and use the latest in-house new Microsoft PC Manger for our system free of cost?

new microsoft pc manager new microsoft pc manager new microsoft pc manager

Annual approximate cost of other system care applications:

Most importantly, adopting the New MICROSOFT PC Manager can save you $200-800 over 3-6 years and eliminate the need to replace your PC.

1: Boost your PC:
new microsoft pc managerClean your core system and free up space.
Increase your PC’s optimum performance.



2. Manage your storage:
new microsoft pc managerGive your computer a spring cleaning and manage huge files.
Use storage sense to have Windows free up storage for you.



3. Pop-up management:
new microsoft pc managerReduce ad and app pop-up interruptions.
Enjoy a cleaner, uninterrupted computing experience.


4. Health checkup:
new microsoft pc managerFind and resolve deep issues quickly.
Scan and remove dangers with a single click.


5. Professional anti-virus protection:
new microsoft pc managerFully integrated with Microsoft Security.
Protect your computer at all times and from any location.



6: Toolbox with Mini Toolbar:
new microsoft pc managerThere are several Windows tools included.
Improve the efficiency of computer use.


How safe cleaning: 

New Microsoft PC Manager Boost deals with unnecessary processes and deletes temporary files, along with a Smart Boost option for spikes in RAM usage and temporary files that exceed 1 GB file size.  new microsoft pc managerThe tool is comparable to CCleaner, a known PUP(Potentially unwanted program) third-party system cleanser for Windows. Apps such as CCleaner try to remove clutter from Windows system files and enhance PC performance by freeing up space.


Microsoft Guarantee:

New Microsoft PC Manager is free to use and may be configured to match your Windows theme. It includes a slew of handy utilities built by Microsoft specifically for Windows, and the company new microsoft pc managerguarantees it will not remove any critical system files. While third-party programs are useful, this appears to be a safe bet, and I plan to install it when it becomes available. It is less likely to include malware because it comes directly from Microsoft and may be downloaded via the Microsoft Store. It also provides free functionality that other applications, like CCleaner, need you to pay for.

What is New Feature:

The latest version of New Microsoft PC Manager introduces a floating toolbar that allows you to quickly access PC Cleaner’s tools these include.

new microsoft pc manager


Microsoft PC Manager User Community: These join us and help to solve our doubts easily.

new microsoft pc manager

Download free New Microsoft PC Manager directly from the Microsoft store: Click on the below Tab and enjoy a lifetime free application.

new microsoft pc manager

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