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How to increase good IQ level 110-130 in our child? (2023)

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Our children must be strong with good IQ level is every parents main moto, with proper beloved 15 steps, we can achieve tuff superior 110-130 IQ score.

The author of this article is a science graduate, teacher and philanthropist with more than 20 years of service for the development of mentally retarded children.

We must know what is IQ ? An intelligence quotient (IQ) is a concept coined by the American psychologist Lewis Terman in 1916. Lewis conducted the first intelligence test on American soldiers during World War I.

Mensa International is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world.

Coming on main Topics: Each parent want their kids to be smart, clever and be famous. To fulfill our wish we send them to different coaching classes but that’s not enough. Too much of a burden and hasty decisions can create trouble for kids. But if being a parent we plan things well then it can help kids to increase their good IQ level 120+.

The question is, what should be the good IQ level? Where can it be measured? With this, seeing the attached images gives better idea.

An analysis of the previous practice and a latest study data (2023) shows much better results have been achieved so far.

   IQ Classifications                                   RR    

1. Memory Games:

Playing games like puzzle, memory chain game, Rubic cubes is very beneficial to increase good IQ level of the child. Memory game helps to increase the memory power of the child and also increases the reasoning power and fluency of the child. It helps a lot in increasing the child’s perceptive power, quick decision making power. Which plays a major role in the development of the child’s brain.

                    Rubic Cubes             Memory Game

2. Musical Instruments:

Studies show that if a child develops interest in playing a musical instrument, a certain IQ level is higher and he becomes more confident than other children. It is scientifically proven that if a child learns to play a musical instrument, the brain power increases, which keeps the inner nervousness at bay. Thus devoting a few days each week to playing music is more effective and strengthens the foundation for increasing IQ level.

                     Musical INstruments          Musical Instruments

3. Natural play:

When a child plays a sport that involves the use of the body, the sport strengthens the body muscles, brain muscles and lungs, which increases endorphin hormones, making the child more energetic and agile. And brings out the decision-making power of the brain quickly. Which plays an important part in increasing his good IQ level. Thus, some days in every week should be played physically demanding sports.

Vitamin D

4. Math Game:

This is a very important and fundamental way to increase the good IQ level, playing math’s games develops a kind of calculation skill in the child’s mind, which leads to quick decision making and positive behavior by using the inner working power of the brain. It helps to increase child’s interest, and also by learning Abacus and Vedic Math, one can improve IQ level 110-130 is of great benefit in increasing good IQ level.

                          Jigsaw Puzzle          Brain Game

5. Deep Breathing/Yoga:

A recent study has proven that encouraging a child, to do pranayama from now on will have countless benefits, pranayama allows oxygen to stay longer in the lungs, which plays an important role in purifying the blood and strengthening the heart. So child should allocate at least 15 minutes a day, thrice a week for getting better result to improve child’s good IQ 120+.


6. Natural Environment:

Instead of enclosed environment, children should go out & play in open space, so that they will get natural sunlight, which will help them increase Vitamin D level 35 to 100 ng/ml. And as a result, immunity will increase. So less sickness, less medicine and less irritability. This helps increasing child’s IQ level.

Natural Play

7. Family Conflict:

This is very important point to be taken care of in child’s mental development which we tend to ignore many a times. Many parents quarrel or argue in front of kids, which is very wrong and one should stop doing that. This will affect child very badly. Child will stop taking interest in other activities, feels alone, feels scared.  Which in turn will decrease the IQ level lower than 80.

Family Conflict

8. Electronic Gadgets

The biggest nuisance, if any, is other devices like TVs, mobiles, iPads. For this the present study says that from overuse The child becomes obese, irritable and irritable. For this some time is also conditional that so much homework will be given only after the work. So that a certain planning balanced power is generated in the child’s brain and it does not come under the control of electronic gadgets. As a result, good IQ level is also maintained due to the development of his brain.

Electronics Items

9. Caring for:

Instead of taking too much care of the child, it is imperative to observe what he is doing from a safe distance, not stopping at all, not rushing. If at one time the fell down or strikes, first pay attention to what he is doing, see what his mind is commanding and then come to his aid. By doing this, the child will become self-made and will not panic in any difficult situation, which helps in increasing his IQ level.

Pay attention

10. Chess Game:

All the above experiments are effective if the child is kept motivated and interested in playing chess, thus the child will develop decision-making power, enterprising activity and self-confidence. So it does not mean to play chess for hours and hours. Keep the child interested in this chess game till the age of 15 years. Hence, even if the child grows up, his build will be very calculative and noble.

Chess for IQ

11. Purity- Discretion: 

 Inform the child about hygiene care from an early age, make him enthusiastic about punctuality, give detailed knowledge in this matter by explaining and giving examples to make him wise towards elders. By doing this, the child will understand the public or sudden situation with a composure and become an inspiration to others who are motivated from within. Thus, a good foundation of good IQ level which is built will help not to decrease.


12. Discipline:

Always encourage the child to be disciplined without pressure, make the child aware of his good character and encourage him to insist on good manners, for which a good example should also be given, according to the age, the child should also be given general knowledge of traffic, curvature. Encourage competition to speak boldly and eloquently in public and become adventurous.

Self Deciplene

13. Food Habit:

Always recommend food like green vegetables, milk, protein-rich food to children, which should be made and eaten in different flavors, so that they enjoy it and giving junk food only for limited time twice a week helps to maintain good digestive power, learns to maintain mental balance. 

Junk Food

14. Body Posture:

If the children are used to keeping the spine erect since childhood, then there is no more load on the brain through the nerves and thus the brain does not use its energy elsewhere and plays an important role in maintaining good IQ level. Therefore, a seating arrangement should be arranged so that one can always sit upright.

Body Posture

15. Tongue Twister:

Between the ages of 6 and 10, if children practice pronouncing difficult words, it will definitely be beneficial, which will increase their confidence, refresh the brain nerves, and as a result, the possibility of having a good IQ level from a young age will increase.

                   Tounge Twister          Spelling Quiz

Thus, if we turn the child according to the above point, surely Important brain chemicals such as Glutamate and GABA, noradrenaline, endorphins, dopamine, Serotonin balances the amount of, there is no doubt that as a result our child will be gifted and have an good IQ level different from everyone else’s and must have our children genius with good IQ level.

Here are some children with good IQ level and called genius.

Genius Child


Short Tips to Remember Most :

  1. Above steps should be implemented knowing the interest of the child.
  2. Guide the child to follow the time table.
  3. Encourage even in small tasks.
  4. Give a puzzle, book or math game as a prize.
  5. Greet with love no matter what the mistake is.
  6. Make sense to be adventurous.
  7. Learn to adjust from what you don’t have.
  8. Be sure not to become stubborn.

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